Minutes from October 11, 2017 Welcome, Introduction & Sign-In: 7:01 – Jeff Dineen Present:  Barb Mandic (Treasurer), Patti Miele (Secretary),Beth Asher, Kerrick Mainrender, Rick Lee, Bob Moran, Rosemary Nguyen, Bruce McIntyre, Jennifer Keith, Betsy Prather Review and Approve Meeting Minutes –July & Sept, 2017 – Moved: Rick, Seconded: Barb .Unanimously approved Treasurer’s Report – Barb […]

Meeting called to order at 7:07 by Jeff Dineen, President Present:  Barb Mandic (treasurer), Kerrick Mainrender, Tracy Brunsman, Matt Kayser, Carol McCarthy  (No quorum present) Review and Approve Meeting Minutes – July 12, 2017  Deferred to Oct mtg. Treasurer’s Report – Barb Balance:  $1,258.16. Expenses were for R&B Graphics – block watch signs Current and […]

Welcome, Introduction & Sign-In: 7:00pm – Jeff Dineen, meeting leader Present: Jeff Dineen, Treasurer Barb Mandic, Betsy Prather, Johnny Stone, Trey Rials, Rich Stout, Kathleen Booher, Neil Sheesley, Bruce McIntyre, Carol McCarthy, Mary March (taking minutes)  Review and Approve Meeting Minutes  – July 2016 minutes unanimously approved.  Moved: Jeff, Seconded: Barb  Treasurer’s Report – Barb […]

Welcome, Introduction & Sign-In: 7:00 – Jeff Dineen  Review and Approve Meeting Minutes – July 2016, September 2016  Treasurer’s Report – Barb  Current and Future Business: SRC Elections – Director Positions : President- Jeff Dineen Vice-President – Open Treasurer – Barb Mandic Secretary – Patti Miele Area Representative (up to 5) – Communications – (not […]