Minutes from October 11, 2017

Welcome, Introduction & Sign-In: 7:01 – Jeff Dineen

Present:  Barb Mandic (Treasurer), Patti Miele (Secretary),Beth Asher, Kerrick Mainrender, Rick Lee, Bob Moran, Rosemary Nguyen, Bruce McIntyre, Jennifer Keith, Betsy Prather

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes –July & Sept, 2017 – Moved: Rick, Seconded: Barb .Unanimously approved

Treasurer’s Report – Barb

Balance:  $1,082.15.  Expenses last month: $132 (PO Box) $44 for litter clean up signs. Barb will price A-frame meeting announcement signs and report next month.

Current and Future Business:

  1. Election 17-18 Current Officers: President Jeff Dineen, Vice President Rick Lee, Treasurer Barb Mandic, Secretary Patti Miele.  All current officers are willing to serve another year.  Each of the positions’ roles & responsibilities were described. A motion was made by Rosemary, seconded by Kerrick to accept the slate. Unanimously approved
    1. .Current Area representatives (volunteer, no vote required) – Betsy Prather (Smithers), Bruce McIntyre (Smithers, north of RR tracks), Marcel McKay (S 5th Street), Rick Lee (Burnett/Metropolitan Collection). New: Rosemary Nguyen will be area Rep for Williams Avenue
  2. Sept 23rd Clean-up review
  • Special thanks to the 4 people who participated.
  • Focus was on area S of the RR tracks. Collected 14 bags of trash (not bad for 4 people); 0 shopping carts. Because there was no clean up in July, area was dirtier than normal.
  • Several Lime bikes (Seattle Bike Share program) have been parked in the neighborhood – Rick will check on whether the company will retrieve them.
  • Hazardous waste this weekend at McClendon’s…
  1. Storage shed on the RR tracks where Whitworth T’s with Houser Way S update: BNSF has a team working on clean up.  But it appears all BN did was lock up the shed but didn’t clean up.  Jennifer said there was less activity around the shed now that school is back in session.
  2. Art committee recommendation on the “Owl Project” The Art Committee recommended not to fund the installation of the Owl Project panels due to not getting full grant funding from the City; safety concerns with panel mounting, durability & upkeep of the panels; non-responsiveness of the project leaders; and the feeling that it didn’t fit with our art mission. Motion:  not to fund or pursue future funding of the Owl Project; Moved:  Patti, Seconded: Barb.  Unanimously approved.
  3. Civic Core Vision and Action Plan Draft The city was holding the Civic Core Meeting at same time of the SRC meeting. Published highlights of the draft include:
  • Linking the two Burnett Linear Parks along Burnet Ave S
  • Integrating art into Civic Core and Downtown
  • Redesigning the Piazza
  • Renovating Tonkin Park as gathering area.
  • Two way streets on S 2nd, S 3rd, Williams and Wells
  • New park locations: North of South Burnett Linear Park, Chamber Commerce, South of North Burnett Linear Park

At “meet the candidates” Jeff heard Randy Corman talk about how long term some of these plans are. There was much discussion.  Public comment closes sometime in Nov, Council vote Dec 11.

  1. Republic’s Clean Sweep this is a 1 time bulk trash pick-up. Schedule between Sept 1 – Dec 29, call 206-777-6440 for further details. Information was previously included in Republic’s billing.
  2. Topics/goals/interests for the 2017-2018 meeting cycle.

Previous ideas that have generated interest: Welcome basket, Social time before meetings, SRC Thumbs-up good neighbor award (businesses), Emergency preparedness (earthquake and flooding) – invite Cert training folks, Traffic – Installing “drive like you live here” type of signs.  (Mini grant to pay for printing), Holiday party – Dec meeting, cookie/dessert

Outreach to neighbors was discussed:  send out postcards with meeting & event dates.  Barb will look for the address list or we will look into sending to “Resident at…”

List meetings, SRC events on Government channel – Need volunteer

Neighborhood picnic – combine with National Night Out (Tuesday Aug 7)? Need volunteer

Clean up Tentative dates were picked:  March 24, May 19, July 7, and Sept 22.  Jeff will check with city

Other Reports: (local boards our members are involved in)

  • Renton Historical Society – Betsy Auction Oct 17 & event list was passed around

Motion to adjourn: Kerrick, seconded: Patti.  Meeting adjourned at 8:17

SRC Calendar:

Date Event Guest Speaker, Agenda Items
Nov 8 SRC Meeting
Dec 13 SRC Meeting
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SRC Officers & Board Oct 2017 – Sept 2018

President – Jeff Dineen                Vice-President – Rick Lee              Treasurer – Barb Mandic             Secretary – Patti Miele

Area representatives:  Betsy Prather (Smithers), Rick Lee (Burnett/Metropolitan Collection), Bruce McIntyre (Smithers north of RR tracks), Marcel McKay (5th Street), Rosemary Nguyen (Williams)