Minutes from November 8, 2017

Welcome, Introduction & Sign-In: 7:02 – Jeff Dineen (President)

Present:  Rick Lee (Vice President) Barb Mandic (Treasurer), Patti Miele (Secretary), Bruce McIntyre, Jennifer Keith, Dani Eaton, Dawson Frank, Rosemary Nguyen

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes –Oct, 2017 – Moved:  Rick, Seconded:   Barb. Unanimously approved

Treasurer’s Report – Barb

Balance:  $1,082.15 (same as last month).  Expenses last month: $0. Pricing on signs, postcards not in yet

Current and Future Business:

  1. Election results for local races were passed around
  2. Clean-up dates

2018 Clean-up dates:   March 24, May 19, July 7 and Sept 22.All dates have been reserved with the City (for equipment).

Rick talked to code compliance about how few grocery carts were found at our last clean-up; he got a positive response from the Mayor.

  1. Storage shed on the RR tracks where Whitworth T’s with Houser Way S

The shed has been removed (after 10 years) and the area has been cleaned!!!!!!!!!

  1. Future speaker on Emergency Preparedness (City provides speaker. Jeff will check availability)
    • Date: Jan 10 or Feb 14 meeting, Length (30 minutes). Topics we are interested in: Flood Risk and updating flood & General Emergency Preparedness, water services, info on CERT.
    • Dani is CERT trained (Williams).
    • Other ideas: purchase emergency kits for neighborhood (write a grant) Provide local maps with landmarks?
  2. Traffic sign mini grant update. “Drive like you live here” on H-mounts
  • City kind of liked the idea, would need a permit thru neighborhood group. Some city official didn’t like them.  Jeff wanted data on effectiveness, not available, but studies show that even flashing signs lose effectiveness after several months.  Head of the neighborhood program would like larger effort city-wide with project grants.  Jeff wants a variety of signs & rotate kind & placement to avoid complacency.
  • Barb is willing to write a grant
  • Put the signs up, then go to the council with results. Motion to put proposal together for grant. Rick, Rosemary, Unanimously approved
  1. Abandoned Bicycles Rick

He did not check with city, haven’t seen as many as in Sept. Let’s keep an eye on it.

  1. Volunteers for projects listed last month:
  • Listing on the government channel (Bruce)
  • Neighborhood picnic & National Night out – (Rosemary & Jennifer). Barb & Patti will send along information & templates
  • Would S Renton want to be involved in Summerfest? The City involvement would be minimized and the N & S Renton Associations would have to take on more.
  • Think about a long term booth for being present. Could be used for Renton River Days. Rick would like a standardized booth – (Bruce & Rick)
  • Holiday meeting – Holiday Cookie Social. Start time: 6:30, 1 hr. social, 30 min meeting. Barb will have toppers for meeting signs.
  1. Article about getting everyone involved in urban planning
    • Provide a variety of methods of engagement to attract different people.
    • Example: Yoga in the park with coffee afterwards
  2. Community Garden sign up deadline – Dec 7, $30/year 10 x 40. Located at Williams & N 3rd

Other Reports: (local boards our members are involved in)

  • Renton Historical Society – Jeff  Annual Auction raised $11,700.  South Renton was well represented with a designated table and auction donations including a South Renton beer basket and art work from Betsy, Jeff and Bruce. All together South Renton contributed 10 auction items

Motion to adjourn:  Rosemary, seconded:  Barb.  Meeting adjourned at 8:10

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SRC Officers & Board Oct 2017 – Sept 2018

President – Jeff Dineen                Vice-President – Rick Lee              Treasurer – Barb Mandic             Secretary – Patti Miele

Area representatives:  Betsy Prather (Smithers), Rick Lee (Burnett/Metropolitan Collection), Bruce McIntyre (Smithers north of RR tracks), Marcel McKay (5th Street), Rosemary Nguyen (Williams)