Welcome, Introduction & Sign-In: 7:01 – Jeff Dineen

Present:  Rick Lee (Vice President) Barb Mandic (Treasurer), Patti Miele (Secretary), Bob Moran, Jennifer Keith, Kerrick Mainrender, Janice Jackson, Beth Asher, Don Caywood, Betsy Prather, Sally Scheck, Kevin Hayes (N Renton)

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes –December 13, 2017 Moved: Barb, Seconded: Don

Treasurer’s Report – Barb $894.18 print 88$ holiday sign, $88.98 traffic signs

Current and Future Business:

  1. Traffic signs
  • Have been purchased and delivered 10 signs
  • Guidelines for posting: no City Right of Way, try to put them on private property
    1. Suggested streets & intersections were discussed
    2. Signs were given out to attendees
  1. 2018 Neighborhood Program Grant Workshop – Thursday, January 18th, 2017 6:00-8:00pm, Renton Community Center Banquet Room.
  • 2017 Grant categories. 2018 will probably be similar.
  • Communication Grant ($1.50/household- one per year) we will need more if we do a postcard.  Kevin Hayes from N Renton Association gave an example of their grant: they paid to have their website done by a local company. They also have an updated Facebook page.
  • Event Grant (up to $1,000- multiple per year) Use for picnic/Block Party
  • Mini-Grant (up to $1,000- one per year) Examples of ideas: Flowers in the Park Walking tour with brochures (in conjunction with History Museum?), dump fees for clean up
  • Project Grant ( $1,000 to $20,000- one per year)
  • Emergency preparedness grant – Kevin Hayes N Renton did it last year. They created 30 Emergency Prep Kits.  City did presentation.  Got $15K and spent $7k on their project.  They met required matching through volunteer hours.
  1. January 8th City Council Civic Core Presentation.

Jeff went to the presentation, it was a staged vote (no comment period), passed unanimously

  1. Art fund and Art Grant merger advisory vote

Overview – 2016 $50k residual, 2017 $10k grant fund (supposed to be used in 1 year). The City Neighborhood Dept. said we could merge the funds and extend the timeline.  SRC Art Commitee recommends that we merge the funds. Motion to Consolidate the Two Funds into One made by Barb, seconded by Kerrick; passed unanimously.

  1. Status of art project: two proposals. We realize $60k doesn’t buy much.  Must be put on city right of way to gift to city.  Location is main problem. Two possibilities:  banners about historical S Renton – along Linear Park, 5th, Tonkin Park, by museum, etc.  Crosswalks/sidewalks – historical themes.
  2. Coordinate with art/history walk 

Other Reports: (local boards our members are involved in)

  • Renton Historical Society – Betsy – program for winter 2018 passed around; B&W exhibit opening 1/31, looking for new board members
  • Airport Advisory Committee – Bob There are 3 mtgs/yr; he is somewhat discouraged by process.  Encouraged neighbors to talk to council members about their complaints.
  • Discussed Code compliance for carts

Motion to adjourn: Patti , seconded: Betsy .  Meeting adjourned at 8:10

SRC Calendar:

Date Event Guest Speaker, Agenda Items
Feb 14 SRC Meeting
March 14 SRC Meeting Clean up prep
March 24 Neighborhood clean up Saturday 9am – 12pm
April 11 SRC Meeting
May 9 SRC Meeting Clean up prep
May 19 Neighborhood clean up Saturday 9am – 12pm
June 13 SRC Meeting Clean up prep
July 7 Neighborhood clean up Saturday 9am – 12pm
July 11 SRC Meeting
Sept 12 SRC Meeting Elections, clean up prep
Sept 22 Neighborhood clean up Saturday 9am – 12pm
Oct 10 SRC Meeting
Nov 14 SRC Meeting
Dec 12 SRC Meeting Cookie Social