Meeting called to order at 7:00 by Jeff Dineen, meeting leader

Present:  Treasurer Barb Mandic,  Secretary Patti Miele, Betsy Prather, Bruce McIntyre, Beth Asher, Marcel McKay, Rich Stout

Elections: Motion to elect following slate, Betsy; seconded, Barb. Approved unanimously

President- Jeff Dineen

Vice-President – Open

Treasurer – Barb Mandic

Secretary – Patti Miele

Area Representative (up to 5) – Betsy (Smithers), Bruce (n part of Smithers S), Marcel McKay (5th)

Patti will contact Johnny for Williams rep
Review and Approve Meeting Minutes – July 2016 (not officially approved in Sept due to lack of quorum) and September minutes unanimously approved. moved:  Betsy , Seconded: Patti  
Treasurer’s Report – Barb

Balance:   $1,986.76  $108.41 spent on sign toppers for clean up

Current and Future Business:  
SRC Public Art Project – Jeff

·         Working group: Jeff, Barb, Betsy, Bruce, Patti

·        September 26th letter to Mayor Law requesting the release of Eastside Interceptor Mitigation funds. (attached) will be voted on tomorrow.. Anticipating $50k earmarked, administered through Community & Development (Council member Carol Ann Witchie is on that committee)

·        Mission Statement, cultural statement (attached)

·        Summary of Oct 4th Arts Commission meeting; they are very supportive

·        Next steps: community involved,

·        Next mtg Weds 10/19 7pm at Jeff’s

Neighborhood clean-up – Review

·         7 participants; collected 7 bags of trash, one shopping cart and one pair of shoes.

·         Heaven Sent Chicken provided chicken for a chicken feed after the clean up. (Jeff gave them a bouquet of Dahlias with short thank you note)


o   Our neighborhood seems to be getting cleaner

o   Shopping cart ordinance seems to be working (Jeff called Mayors office and stated our pleasure with the ordinance)

o   Problem areas

§  South Shattuck-any suggestions?

§  Railroad tracks (Jeff called the Mayor’s office asking if something can be done) Tim Lawless code compliance working with BN west of us, will include our neighborhood

§  Williams & Grady]

§  City add garbage cans – bring up garbage cans at Town mtg


Set Dates for 2017




Traffic – Response from City (attached)
Next month’s agenda: 2017 plan
By-Laws review (last revision 2013) – Patti

·         Sub-committee: Patti, Betsy, Jeff

Patti will review & make recommendation
N Renton Town Hall meeting 9/27

·         Renton Senior Center, 211 Burnett Ave N. Social 5:30 – 6; Meeting 6 – 8

·        Questions need to be submitted in advance.

Patti will email the notice to our mailing list
City Events (affecting our neighborhood):

Report on Councilman Ed Prince’s roundtable 9/15 at the Met – Jeff

Like all South King County Cities Renton have the following BIG problems

·         Homelessness Big problem everywhere. In Renton homeless services are centered in the downtown area because “That is where the homeless are”.

·         Heroin –Big problem, King County is pushing for safe zones and methadone clinics.

·         Gangs All of South King County including Renton has a gang problem.

·         The Transit Center is moving. Jeff indicated that SRC would like to be involved and he strongly recommended that we meet with the Mayor. Our major concerns: Noise, traffic & lighting

Public Safety committee N. Renton walk-about 9/22 with council members – Jeff Walk about hosted by North Renton to visit “hot spots” in DTR.

·         Started at Senior Center walked Cedar River Trail to Salvation Army to Jones Park to Transit Center to Day Star Church to railroad tracks between Burnett and Shattuck. Stops focused on homeless encampments/feeding centers, areas with known drug activity, suspected drug houses, suspected methadone center and areas identified by North Renton as problem areas.

·         Council members present: Armondo Pavone, Don Persson and Ed Prince.

Other Reports: (local boards our members are involved in)

Renton Historical Society – Betsy

·        Annual auction raised record breaking over $10,000

New Business & Discussion

Neighborhood changes:

New restaurant opening soon: Blossom Belly , Kombacha brewed on site – new business of Gene’s (Red House, Blossom)

Burger Town robbed

Feeding the homeless in residential neighborhood (north part of Smithers S)

“Free stuff” trash on street – call code compliance

Meeting Adjourned – Motion to adjourn, Patti; seconded, Barb . Adjourned at 8:07  

Upcoming SRC Events

Month Agenda Items Notes:
Oct 25 Renton Town Hall meeting
Nov 9 2017 plan SRC Meeting