Welcome, Introduction & Sign-In: 7:00 – Jeff Dineen

(Quorum = majority of elected board members – 6 elected positions, quorum is 3)

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes – October 2016

 Treasurer’s Report – Barb

 Current and Future Business:

SRC Public Art Project

  • Working group met 10/19 & agreed most important first step was identifying a location.
  • Identified 7 possible project locations (See handout)
  • Oct 25th meeting with Elizabeth Higgins from the City. She will get back to us with the City’s evaluation of each location.

New Transit Center

Oct 24th meeting with Mayor concerning the relocation of transit center

Oct 25th Town Hall Meeting

  • About 100 residents attended
  • Focused on top 3 e-mail topics, (1) Homelessness and Transients, (2) public intoxication and drug use/distribution (3) traffic, parking and pedestrian safety.
  • On behalf of SRC Jeff sent an e-mail to Chief Milosevich thanking him for his time and involvement in the Town Hall Meeting.
  • South Renton crime profile and best practices to reduce crime.  (see handouts)

Schedule for 2017

  • Clean up dates?
  • Picnic?
  • Other events?


New Business and Discussion:

  • Neighborhood changes –

Other Reports: (local boards our members are involved in)

  • Renton Historical Society – Betsy

SRC Calendar:

Date Event Notes
Dec 14 SRC Meeting
Jan 11,2017 SRC Meeting