Cities Partner to Launch TrackMole, Free Online Property Tracking Site

Citizens Urged to Log Valuables

Renton, WA: Renton Mayor Denis Law and police chiefs from the cities of Auburn, Federal Way, Kent, Renton and Tukwila have partnered with TrackMole, a powerful property tracking and crime prevention tool that helps police departments catch criminals and significantly increases the chances of individuals and businesses recovering their property if it is lost or stolen.

“I am very excited to partner with the cities and TrackMole to offer this free and easy-to-use online system that will benefit residents, businesses and police departments,” said Renton Mayor Denis Law.

People can sign up by creating a free account online at and registering the serial numbers of their property. They can also log in by using a Facebook, Amazon, or Google+ account. It takes less than an hour to log/enter/register the contents of an entire household, and this significantly increases the chances of retrieving lost or stolen property if it is located by police, a business, or someone who turns it in. The program is free and available to all.

“This is another tool that we will  have to better serve our residents and victims of crime in recovering lost or stolen property,” said Mayor Law. “It should also result in more arrests.” allows owners to find their property when they lose it or have left it behind anywhere, like at a coffee shop, restaurant, taxi, airport, hotel, school, park, bus, or amusement park. As soon as the serial number on the property is searched, the owner simultaneously receives emails from TrackMole stating where it is, who has it, and how to get it back. TrackMole was developed by Renton police officer Shawn Tierney and his partners.

“This is just one more example of the progressive and innovative way in which we are using the power of technology to build stronger and safer neighborhoods to serve residents in the most efficient way possible,” said Auburn Mayor Nancy Backus.

Nationwide over 12,000 laptops are left in US airports each week, $30 billion in cell phones were lost last year, and $700 million in bicycles stolen.  Estimates show less than 5% of owners record the serial numbers of their property, which is the main identifier police use to locate and return lost, stolen, and left-behind property to the rightful owner.

“Every 5.1 seconds a theft occurs, and a burglary happens every 14.6 seconds,” said Renton Council President Don Persson. “We urge you to use this free service and help us help you.”

To register your property, visit For more information on this and other crime prevention programs, visit

TrackMole Press Conference

TrackMole Press Conference

Photo – from left to right: Renton Mayor Denis Law, Auburn Police Chief Bob Lee, Federal Way Police Chief Andy Hwang, Renton Police Chief Kevin Milosevich, Kent Police Chief Ken Thomas, Tukwila Deputy Police Chief Bruce Linton.

Cities Partner to Launch Trackmole 5-5-14