The South Renton Neighborhood Bylaws


1. Name


1.1 The name of the South Renton Neighborhood Association shall be the South Renton Connection.


2. Goals


2.1 Purpose. Foster community in South Renton through events, connecting neighbors, and providing information.

2.2 Resources. Support and resources for South Renton Connection activities should first be sought from within the community.


3. Community Served


3.1 Boundaries. The general geographic boundaries of the Neighborhood and community served are:

3.1.1 North: South Second Street.

3.1.2 South: South Grady Way.

3.1.3 East: Mill Avenue South and Main Avenue South.

3.1.4 West: Rainier Avenue South.


3.2 However, any matter of concern which may affect the Neighborhood within the city shall be proper subject for discussion and action by this association.


4. Membership


4.1 Membership. The membership of the Association shall be residents, businesses, or non-profit organizations within the Neighborhood.


4.2 A Voting Member shall be a resident, aged 16 or older, business or non-profit organization within the boundaries of the Neighborhood. Each resident, aged 16 or older, business or non-profit organization shall be entitled to one vote.


4.3 Membership shall not be denied on the basis of views or opinions contrary to the goals and purposes of the Association.


4.4 Honorary Membership. Honorary Membership may be provided to property owners not living within the Neighborhood boundaries, city liaisons, and other people interested in participating in the Association. Honorary Members are non-voting members and may not be an Officer of the Association.


4.5 No Member shall publicly take a position on any question, issue or item, or commit to any expenditure on behalf of the Association unless such position or expenditure has been approved by the Membership.


 5. Officers


5.1 Residency. All Officers shall be residents of the Neighborhood as described by the community boundaries.


5.2 Officers. The Officers of the Association shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Area Representatives.


6. Nomination, Elections and Installation of Officers


6.1 The Voting Members of the Association shall nominate and elect the Officers of the Association.


6.2 Nominations. Nominations of Officers shall be from the floor at the annual election meeting of the Association.


6.3 Voting. Those members present at the annual election meeting of the Association shall vote for the Officers.


6.4 Term of Office. The term of office for the Officers begins at the end of the annual election meeting at which they were elected and continues for one year, or until their successors are elected.


6.5 Succession. All documents, records and any materials pertaining to the office which are in possession of the outgoing Officers shall be submitted to the newly elected counterpart within fourteen days of the annual election meeting.


6.6 Vacancies. Any vacancy occurring among the Officers shall be filled by appointment by the remaining Officers.


6.7 Removal. Any Officer may be removed from office for cause by a majority vote at any membership meeting.


7. Duties of Officers


7.1 Officers shall act in the best interest of the Neighborhood to further the purpose and goals of the Association, shall act civilly and shall treat other Neighborhoods, their membership, and city employees with respect and professionalism, regardless of one’s personal beliefs on a topic.


7.2 City Guidelines. Directors shall comply with the City’s guidelines to make sure that this Association remains an Officially Recognized Neighborhood of the City of Renton.


7.3 President. The President shall call and preside at all meetings, shall act for and on behalf of the membership of the association, shall appoint any special committees necessary for the operation of the association business, and shall act as official spokesperson for the association.


7.4 Vice President. The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, assume all of the duties of that office and shall be responsible for publicity and notifications of meetings of the Association.


7.5 Secretary. The Secretary shall keep full and accurate minutes of all meetings of this Association, shall create and maintain a list of those members who participate in Neighborhood meetings and functions, which list shall include the members’ names, and contact information provided by each member. The Secretary shall maintain the permanent records of the Association.


7.6 Treasurer. The Treasurer shall keep all financial receipts and a permanent record of all financial business of the Association. An up-to-date financial report shall be submitted at each meeting.


7.7 Area Representatives. There shall be five (5) Area Representatives, elected by the voting membership, to gather and disseminate information to implement projects initiated by the Association. Each Area Representative will serve specific blocks or streets within the Neighborhood boundaries.


7.8 Officers are expected to attend the monthly membership meetings.


8. Membership Meetings


8.1 Monthly Meetings. The Neighborhood Association shall meet monthly, at a time and place determined by the Officers to conduct the regular business of the Association.


8.2 Election meeting. One of the monthly meetings shall be designated as the election meeting by the President. This designation must be made and published to the Membership at least three months in advance of that meeting.


8.3 Special meetings. Special meetings of the Membership may be held upon the order of the President, or petition signed by at least 15 members. Notice of any Special Meeting must be given to the Membership at least seven days prior to that meeting. Notice shall be sent via e-mail to all members who have provided their e-mail address to the Secretary and posted on the Neighborhood’s website.


8.4 Public Meetings. All meetings shall be open to the public.


8.5 Quorum. In order to conduct business at any Membership Meeting, a quorum, which is five Voting Members, is necessary.


8.6 Majority. A majority vote of the Voting Members present at a Membership Meeting is required for any action to be taken on behalf of the Association.


9. Committees


9.1 The President may appoint committees that may be helpful in carrying out the objectives of the Association. Such committees shall meet and report back to the Membership with a plan of action. The Membership shall vote whether to approve the plan of action proposed by the committee and appropriate any funding needed to implement the plan of action.


9.2 The President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees.


10. Fiscal Responsibility


10.1 The Officers shall be fiscally responsible in conducting the business of the Association.


10.2 No Association funds may be expended without the approval of the Membership.


10.3 No expenditures may be made without the signature of the Treasurer or other Officer.


10.4 Financial records shall be audited at least once each calendar year by a committee of no fewer than two Voting Members appointed by the President.


11. Amendments


11.1 These Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the Voting Members present at a Membership Meeting. The proposed amendments must be published to the Members at least 48 hours prior to the meeting at which such vote is anticipated. Publication of proposed amendments is sufficient if the current Bylaws and proposed amendments are sent to the Members via e-mail and posted on the Associations website.


12. General


12.1 The rules in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall guide the conduct of all meetings of the Membership.


12.2 If any portion of these Bylaws, or their application is determined to be invalid or unenforceable, that portion of these Bylaws shall be considered severed and the remainder of these Bylaws shall not be affected thereby.


12.3 No Officer, or Member shall have any financial liability of the Association.