Agenda February 14, 2018

Welcome, Introduction & Sign-In: 7:30 – Jeff Dineen

(Quorum = majority of elected board members – 6 elected positions, quorum is 3)

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes –January 10, 2018

Treasurer’s Report – Barb

Current and Future Business:

  1. Traffic signs.
    1. All signs have been distributed and if there is future interest we will need to purchase more.
    2. Has anyone noticed any effect?
  2. 2018 Neighborhood Grants – Which should we apply for?
    1. Communication Grant proposal deadline March 16th; one per year.
      1. SRC letter of support.
      2. BLOQS/SRC Website?
    2. Mini-grant April deadline, $500 limit, requires neighborhood match ($500 = 17.25 hours of matching time at $28.99 per hour), maybe apply for more than one mini-grant/year.

Flowers in the Park – It looks like this is a better fit for the Volunteer Program, will not require a community match and is covered by City Liability, schedule as an extension of our May 19th cleanup. Depending on the number of people could occur during cleanup or after cleanup.

  1. Event Grant (Picnic) needs to be submitted 8 weeks before the event, $1,000 limit, requires neighborhood  match ($1,000 = 34.5 hours of matching time at $28.99 per hour), can apply for more than one/year (Someone will need to write and submit)
    1. Discussion, liability insurance, city trailer
  2. South Renton History Map project grant submitted by March 16th, requires neighborhood match (every $1000 = 34.5 hours of matching time at $28.99 per hour), can apply for only 1 project grant/year and formal presentation is required. I am willing to write and submit.
    1. Anyone interested in working on this?
  3. Postcard mailing
    1. Barb has asked for updated mailing list (mailing house). VOTE Required with NTE amount
    2. Timing (communication grant $ available end of March), Block Party date? What do we want to include.
  4. Online volunteer sign up (Patti)  com.  Use for future clean ups, etc.
  5. Other volunteer opportunities
    1. web content – write short blurbs, pictures
    2. Picnic (block party) currently Jennifer & Rosemary
    3. Other activities that would benefit the neighborhood
  6. Picnic – status update Rosemary/Jennifer
    1. Drop dead date?

Other Reports: (local boards our members are involved in)

  • Renton Historical Society, Airport Advisory Committee

SRC Calendar:

Date Event Guest Speaker, Agenda Items
March 14 SRC Meeting Clean up prep
March 24 Neighborhood clean up Saturday 9am – 12pm
April 11 SRC Meeting
May 9 SRC Meeting Clean up prep
May 19 Neighborhood clean up Saturday 9am – 12pm
June 13 SRC Meeting Clean up prep
July 7 Neighborhood clean up Saturday 9am – 12pm
July 11 SRC Meeting
Sept 12 SRC Meeting Elections, clean up prep
Sept 22 Neighborhood clean up Saturday 9am – 12pm
Oct 10 SRC Meeting
Nov 14 SRC Meeting
Dec 12 SRC Meeting Cookie Social